Would you fulfill a woman’s rape fantasy kink if she asked you too? And if so do you care to share the details? :) ♡


It is such a weird fucking concept, isn’t it? From a logical standpoint, I mean.

I kind of hate that I like Consent-Non Consent. I don’t write much on it here because rape is a real-life nightmare many women on my blog have had to experience and I would never show that as a “kink” just for the sake of having fun with rape.

Some of the photos are aggressive enough to push people away. Real rape is horrific and I personally would like all actual rapists to be given the worst possible short lives imaginable, along with pediphiles and murderers. So I don’t take kindly to the idea of rape, in general, nor do I exploit it here. 

That being said, rape fantasy is a legitimate fantasy held by many submissive women, in fact the majority of submissives I know, and I’d be game for it with the right woman, however safe words always are honored no matter what so I guess my “rape fantasy” version would be pretty non-rapey and vanila by some people’s standards. Regardless. Safe words are iron-clad, always.

I don’t know if that helps. Like I said. I don’t talk in details about rape on my blog. To many real feelings to hurt out there.



I Don’t Care How

I have to taste you. I absolutely must have your wetness across my tastebuds. Your scent, as up close and personal as it gets.

I need to show you the passion I can bring with my mouth. With my tongue. With my aggression.

You have to cum for me. Absolutely must. I’m ready to stay down here all night until you do. Until you fall apart.

I want to eat you from the back. I want my nose pressed inside your lips when I suck your clit. I want to feel your wiggles jolt my head back. To give you a new sensation from the normal. Then I want to tongue your ass and watch you squirm.

God, I could eat you until the year infinity. You think I want a blowjob? Think again. I want you cumming right on my face. I want you dripping down my neck.

I want to kiss you when I am done. Then I want to start all over again.

A man messaged me, saying he would maybe be interested in a relationship, and to reply soon. I said hello, and what it was exactly he was looking for. He wanted a picture of my face, gave me an email. When I asked to get to know more about one another and that he go first, he said “we are done. I have refused his requests” He wanted to make sure we didn’t know each other (from same area) What did I do wrong? I’m new to all of this, just wanting to protect myself first and foremost.


You didn’t do anything wrong. The guy sounds like a douchebag. If he is “looking for a relationship”, maybe he should first get to know you and be a little open and vulnerable before he makes a statement like that.

By saying “I am looking for a relationship”, he is appealing to women’s heartstrings, which is shitty thing to do to start off with. 

If interested in you – he should man up, tell you that he is attracted to you, enjoys talking to you, give you his details first, and be a little vulnerable to you to show he is serious.

The part “reply soon” sounds like he just fucking creepy. What does he want your ATM pin number next? Sounds like a scam artist. He probably has a Nigerian Prince friend too. 

Fuck him. Move on. Trust your gut. Never give out your personal details until he has and you can confirm it. Have leverage if you need it.

Always protect yourself and keep that in mind before you let the dopamine take control of your brain.


Alright, 10 best/worst names for a girl? Based off what would be the worst to moan during sex 😏


My internal clock is off so you are getting a 2am TRD version. No way I can come up with 10 names though, but I will do my best. For one, I don’t really have 10 women’s names I dislike, and two, I am sure there some followers who are going to be pissed.

  1. My Mom’s name, Sister’s name, Ex GF’s names, etc.
  2. Olga
  3. Bertha
  4. Edna
  5. Gertrude
  6. Helga
  7. Myrtle
  8. Phyllis
  9. Gretel
  10. Country Music

I guess I could get 10. I will never doubt my ability to complain again.


Would you take back someone who cheated?

That is a tough question.

I don’t really know; it is a very complex concept that seems simple, but of all the people I know who have gone through this, the story is never simple.

Do you have kids? Is the life of your children better off staying together or leaving? Not financially speaking, but emotionally. Is the person contrite? Does the person your spouse cheated with provide something essential you are incapable of giving, or not willing to? Did you neglect your spouse and is this the end product of that? Does love exist, in either relationship? Or both? Was it “just sex”? Could you have prevented it, in your actions? Is it habitual? 

There are a million reasons people cheat and it is never black and white, meaning the person who was cheated on is usually part of the problem for the bad relationship, in most of the cases I know of personally, just like the person who cheated is at fault too. 

I do know that infidelity is far more common than people think.

“The experts at Divorce Magazine note that about 45-50 percent of married women and 50-60 percent of married men cheat on their spouses.”  (notice how they said “cheat”, and not, “have cheated”?)

I personally suspect that those numbers are low. I have heard that number as high as 90% of marriages/relationships, especially if you consider online relationships and all the variations of infidelity. Fuck, some people think masturbating to porn is cheating (i.e. Dr. Phil), or being a flirt with the guy/girl down the street. Some people think fucking somebody else not cheating, so I am a bit skeptical on the stats. 

I do know this: (a) there are more Tumblr accounts than Twitter accounts, (b) that Pornhub, XNXX, and XVIDEOS are the 6, 7, and 8th most accessed websites in the US, c) that Chaturbate is in the top 20 and has over 400 Million Visit a month, which is nuts, since I have no idea what it is, and d) Tinder has 50 Million Monthly Users, which is like 1/6th of the United States.

So my answer is – I don’t know. I guess it depends. Not really helpful, I know. I do know this – I wouldn’t close up shop right away because of it. I would dig deeper and see if it was best for me to move forward or end it.


Kind of upset that you generalize people in their twenties as incapable of being mentally stimulating. The last relationship I had was with someone who was 48. I’m 21. And, we worked quite well together because we did relate on a lot of levels, despite the age difference. And, it was emotional and psychologically and physically stimulating and we both grew a lot. So, just because we’re young doesn’t mean we’re incapable of depth and being able to relate to someone on their level.


Well, I think that you proved my point and you didn’t even realize it, which is kind of telling in itself.  

I never said your age meant you could not be mentally stimulating. In fact, the first thing I said – which by being the first thing – should mean to you that it is the most important thing – was this: “I would never let age determine anything about how I feel towards a person”.

The truth is – that the age separation implies a division of life experiences – and life experiences, in many ways, define who we are as people. At minimum, they impact who we are, significantly. The people we are largely are a byproduct of our experiences. It is simple nature vs nurture, and in the social sciences, like relationships, nurture tends to be the winner in that debate.

For example, at my age, I have experienced: the death of my closest friends and family, the worries and fears of raising children, relationship highs and lows, outparenting my parents, major finance decisions, perseverance through college, bottom-of-the-food-chain career development to top-of-the-heap management. I have witnessed the world change around me in so many major ways. I have seen a lot and I know so many people who have seen so much more. 

I know plenty of 20ish people, through here as well, that are more than mentally engaging, so don’t interpret what I said as all 20 year olds are duds. Can people exist that will keep me mentally engaged who are 23 years old? Of course. But the chances of that existing are much lower than a woman who has experienced a life like me, and is older. That is all I am saying. 

But you already knew that. Or you would not hide behind a chickenshit anonymous ask.


Would you fuck a 23yr old virgin daddy?



Oh dear. A complicated answer type of question that takes place in Hypothetical Land. Eh.

First up, ixnay on the “daddy”, por favor. Gotta save that word for Miss Special. Sorry, anon. I appreciate the love and respect, but TRD or Sir will be fine. 

Second, to answer your question – I would never let age determine anything about how I feel towards a person, or their sexual experience. 

I will be honest – I cannot imagine being with a girl who was 23 mainly because I would not have much to relate with her about, when it came to real, sustainable relationship-type things. But in the chance that she were a mentally & emotionally stimulating person, as well as wise past her years, funny, and caring, which I suppose is possible – I would not hold her age against her. But I just don’t see that happening, tbh. 

The virgin part – well – I can say this: I would never have sex with a virgin if (a) I did not intend to be with her indefinitely at the time we had sex and (b) we were both available for that sort of long-term engagement. Meaning, we would have to be in a position and location in our lives to maintain a real relationship, and be in a mental state to want that.

So – “Would you fuck a 23yr old virgin”? Yes, I would. But I’d intend to marry her, and she better damn well be the most mentally engaging 23 year old on the face of the earth.



Your Scent

This morning I got a whiff of your scent, though you were nowhere near me. Sometimes that happens and for a brief moment, I am there with you again.


Tangled up in sheets of passion-soaked sin, sliding my hand down between your thighs, mindful that your poor little kitty just took another beating.

Nonetheless, I still press my fingers inside you to find my cum is still in there, mixed up in your wetness. My soaking fingers look too delicious for you to pass up on, so you have a second helping of our liquid remnants. The evidence of our lustful ache for one another.

I lean in to kiss your neck and that is when it happens.

That’s when – I get your scent.

Your perfume is like a bookmark in my memory, helping me come right back to this experience when I cannot have it right away. My cologne is worn for that exact same reason for you so that you can recount the vivid moments in crystal clear consciousness.

When God shines on me a whiff of you for no apparent reason, I know then, that I am meant to taste you again soon, as I will. To smell you, again. To savor you, as I do every time.

To put you on your back, lift your legs up, put my mouth right over your clit, fuck your little holes with my tongue, as I get that flavor of you I ache for.

To watch you buck and writhe while your amazing Daddy plays you like I am Mozart and you are my piano, twisting and turning while you cum over and over and I just soak up every moan in our beautiful symphony of passion.

Watching as I make you spin around inside yourself for me, soaking up every moment in your out-of-body, in-body experience.

So ache for me, as I ache for you. 

Take a deep breath and try to find my scent in the air.

Keep trying, Little One. Keep trying.

Because soon, you will find it.